5th Grade Science
In 5th grade science we will have a lot of challenging material to cover. The broad areas we cover are:  Matter, Force, Motion, and Energy; Earth and Space, and finally Organisms and Environments.  These will be covered through hands on activities that we call labs.  We will also have several activities to help expose students to new vocabulary and problem solving strategies.  
Most weeks we will have weekly labs and quizzes.   Each six weeks there will be a lengthy six weeks test to assess how each student is progressing in 5th grade science curriculum.  This will be formatted similar to the Science STAAR they will take in May .  Quizzes will be daily grades, six weeks tests and projects will be major grades.    
If you have any questions, I would love to visit with you.  Please email me at stephanie.haass@nisd.us to set up a conference.  You can also call the front office and they will connect you to my voice mail.  I will call you back when students are not in the room.
Mrs. Haass