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To be successful....

*Assignments for the week are written on the board. The students are expected to copy all assignments each week. Do not fear, if a student is late, the information will be posted throughout the week. The student will be able to fill in their assignments as time allows.

*The assignment book is also an excellent tool for communication. Parents are expected to check and sign the assignment book each Friday. This is very important in that there may be a note from your child's teacher. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to write them in the assignment book. Please advise your child to bring the note to the teacher's attention.

*Graded papers will be sent home on Friday. Please view and keep these papers in a safe place at home until the end of the 6 weeks grading period. This is helpful in locating missing work and keeping parents informed of students' averages. You can also look on the Parent Portal every Tuesday and find an updated average for your child. As the parents signs the agenda, they are acknowledging that they have seen and are aware of the work the child has done in class.

*Students are also expected to collect work they may have missed because of an absence. Please see the grading guidelines for NISD.